Music Therapy

Music Therapy at J.P. Lord School
Simply said, music therapy is the use of music to work on

non-musical goals
.  Learning through music!

v  How is Music Therapy Beneficial for Children with Special Needs?

¨        Reinforce IEP goals

¨        Increase Motor Development

¨        Reinforce Behavioral Goals

¨        Increase Speech/Language Skills

¨        Increase Active Engagement

¨        Develop Sensorimotor Skills

¨        Alter Mood   

¨        Enhance Communication/Expression

¨        Provide Multi-Modal Stimulation

¨        Increase Socialization

¨        Increase Positive Interactions with Family and/or Others/Social Skills

¨        Increase Coping Skills

¨         Reinforce Academic Goals

¨        Enhance Other Therapies (Speech, Physical and Occupational) 

v  What Happens in Music Therapy Sessions?

¨        Singing

¨        Music and Learning

¨        Song Writing

¨        Music and Movement

¨        Music Listening

¨        Improvisation

¨        Vocalize

¨        Music and Imagery

¨        Lyric Analysis

¨        Breathing Techniques

¨        Instrument Playing

¨        Ensemble Playing

v  About Our Music Therapist?

¨        Erin Singh, MME, MT-BC, is a board-certified music therapist and has worked professionally since 2005.  Erin has a B.S. degree from Doane College and earned her Master’s degree in music therapy from The University of Kansas.  Erin has worked with clients of all ages in the areas of special education, hospice care, rehabilitation care, long-term care and hospital care.  Erin has been a full-time travel music therapist with the Omaha Public Schools since 2010. 

v  Where Can I Get More Information About Music Therapy?

¨        Contact Erin Singh, MME, MT-BC at  or 402-554-6771 (JP Lord School)

¨        American Music Therapy Association website

¨        Certification Board for Music Therapists