Pop Can Fund

Many thanks to staff, students and parents who have contributed pop cans for recycling.  

 Many of the cans that are contributed have a 5 cent refund if taken to Iowa for recycling.  These cans were sorted and returned for quite an increase in the amount refunded.  There is one catch however.  The Iowa cans must be crush free to qualify for this increased refund.  Please keep this in mind when you are about to celebrate the emptying of another can by squeezing in the sides.  Thanks.

 We frequently recieve $25.00 each semester.  This money is used to make needed adaptations fro student programs & repair school and student equipment.  We appreciate your partnership in our can recycling effort that makes funds available for small local purchases like glue, thread, elastic, PVC parts, and (of course) nuts and bolts.

Judy Carroll, OT