Room 8 - Teacher: Mary Becker

                 Room 8

Teacher  Mary Becker
Paraprofessional: Candance W., Melissa H., and Raven

Hello! Welcome to Room 8's Intermediate class.  We are looking forward to the 2017-18 school year.  It will be filled with good books, learning from all domains and we'll wrap it in fun and enthusiasm!
   This year we will be using a series of short chapter books as our point of focus.  We'll center our literacy, math, social studies, science, art, and cooking lessons around those topics. Some of these will include jobs around us, islands, pet care, and fish.  What a wide variety!  Our staff will work to make each lesson applicable to your young adult.
   We are also looking forward to the move to our new building!  Omaha Public Schools and our staff and the parents have worked hard to make it functional, safe and beautiful, and filled with many sensory opportunities for the students throughout their day.  Many thanks to the architects and OPS for creating a space just right for us!

 Please feel free to contact me about your student for any reason or to come by and see what we're doing, we might just surprise you!