Room 4 - Teacher: Kelly Braak

Room 4

Teacher: Kelly Braak 

 ​Paraprofessionals:  Claire D., Benita H. and Theresa R.

Where in the world is Room 4? During the 2017-2018 school year, students and staff in Room 4 will be “traveling”…around South America!  Our passports have already been stamped for our visit to Brazil!The students will be using communication devices to share information about each country along with the people, animals, plants, and landmarks encountered on their journey. They will be using pictures and symbols to create reports on animals encountered in the Amazon Rainforest and cooking/baking foods eaten by people in each country.  Students will listen to music from South American countries and watch/listen to dances and music from various festivals. Each week the students will be entering their adventures in their journals using symbols and pictures. Please feel free to stop by Room 4 to join us as we travel across South America!


Kelly Braak