Room 1 - Teacher: Kristina Berzina

Room 1

Teacher:  Kristina Berzina

Paraprofessionals:  Savannah, Kira S. and Jaime K.

My name is Kristina Berzina and I am one of the Transition teachers for our students ages 14-21. I started volunteering & doing paraprofessional work at JP Lord during the summer of 1994 and also worked next door with Hattie B. Munroe’s “Camp Munroe” program. It was such a profound experience, I changed my major (from child psychology) to elementary/special education at UNL the following year. I worked as a summer school paraprofessional & camp counselor until I graduated in December of 1998. I was thrilled to find out that a teaching position had opened at JP Lord and I was hired in February of 1999. I have been happily teaching in room 1 ever since! 

I have been married to my husband, Tyler, for 17 years. He is a physics teacher at Millard West High School. I love traveling, kayaking, taking photos, researching my family history, spending time with family & friends and my cat, Luna.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!  My name is Kristina Berzina and I am the special education teacher in room 1.  There are three wonderful paraprofessionals who help me provide hands-on care and instruction for our students:  Sally, Sheri J. and Sheri T.  We have 4 returning students that we’d like to welcome back—Heather, Nick, Fabi and David.  We are very excited that we have the opportunity to work with them for another year.  There are also 3 new students who have moved to us from other classrooms—Elvia, Rosi and Cortasia. We are happy to have them with us and are enjoying getting to know them.

 This year we will be learning through month long themes that incorporate academics, art, music, cooking, technology and literacy. Some of our themes will be: Folktales, Hooray for the USA, The Desert, Australia, Insects and the Wild, Wild West. We are also looking forward to field trips to the zoo and Westroads Mall, as well as, the ground breaking ceremony for our new building! It's sure to be another busy year filled with lots of fun and learning!!