The Dr. J.P. Lord School improvement plan is officially called, EXCELS PLUS.  In 1994, the Omaha Public Schools began implementation of the EXCELS process, and accreditation model focused on student achievement and participation in school and learning.  This cycle was completed in 2000.  The 2000-2001 school year was the planning year for the next cycle, which was identified as EXCELS PLUS.  This model, outlined by the North Central Association, is used as a basis fro the State of Nebraska accreditation of schools.  This cycle was completed in 2005.  The EXCELS PLUS Model was reviewed and revised for 2005 through 2010 school years.

J.P. Lord's EXCELS PLUS Goals are:

  • All students will successfully communicate at school, in family settings, and  in community settings using their individual response modes.
  • All students will maintain and/or improve their movement in day-to-day activities in the school, home, and community settings.
  • All students will achieve optimal life skills.  These include leisure, self-help, and community skills.
  • All students will achieve optimal wellness skills.  These may include motor skills, self-help, and leisure skills.

Our goals are incorporated into each student's Individualized Education Plan.  Staff members assist students in practicing communication, motor, life, and wellness skills throughout the entire school day.